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PC Help Manchester

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What To Do To Fix Your PC Problems?

PC Help Manchester 0844 4141 319 M 07950 6969 84Frustrating and annoying computer problems?

We have a structured approach to solving your computer problems. It’s always a nice feeling to solve a computer problem yourself.

Some times a quick phone call to us can resolve your minor issues.

Mature Computer User?

Ideal service for mature computer users that require a patient and understanding approach to technology.

Remote Support – Computer Repair.

A great option is a remote support session. We can log into your computer, with your agreement and fix your problem on-line.

Service Call – Computer Repair.

PC Help Manchester 0844 4141 319 M 07950 6969 84Finally if your problem is more serious and requires a visit, you can book an appointment and we will come and fix your computer problem on site.

We have found that roughly 75% of fixes that can be done onsite can usually be done within about an hour.

If you are unsure what to do – give us a call!

Tel 0844 4141 319

M 07950 6969 84


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